Business Use Section : Frozen Food

Frozen noodles : Takara Foods Co., Ltd. Frozen dough : Bakery System Institute (BASE)

At our factory, the delicacies made by food experts are [frozen.] Then at restaurants, they are easily defrosted and cooked to revive the taste upon customer order. With the frozen noodles and dough, made exclusively for business use, you can present first-class tasty dishes without any expertise. Freshly kneaded udon or ramen noodles, and [just-baked] bread...fresh delicacies are always made available by our frozen food items.

Easily and Deliciously, Frozen Noodles Are
Speedy to Cook.

In as quick as 20 to 60 seconds, you can create genuine handmade tasting noodles.
Frozen noodles conveniently provide the food service industry with the delicacy
of freshly boiled noodles. Under our modern freezing technology, the noodles are
frozen, stocked, and then delivered through our logistics. At stores, upon an order
from a customer, they can easily be defrosted and cooked with the genuine handmade
taste retained. We produce a wide variety of frozen noodles, ranging from udon (Japanese-style
noodles), soba (buckwheat noodles), and
ramen (Chinese-style noodles) to spaghetti, which are very popular at various places,
such as food courts and restaurants at stations and highway service areas.

Professional Baking Easily Realized by
Frozen Dough

Frozen dough has been created to simplify the time-consuming baking process. After the
kneading which most requires expertise, and then rising, the dough is cut and
shaped into individual loaves of bread. When all the complex step are done, the bread is frozen.
At stores, you can prepare freshly baked bread, simply by defrosting, raising, and
baking the various kinds of ready-made frozen dough, including loaf bread,
dinner rolls, Danish-style pastries, and pies. Our frozen dough is made from the best
ingredients employing the latest technology under strict quality control.
To support privately-owned stores, we offer baking workshops which use frozen
dough, and also supply various kinds of flour mix that can assure the quality of
their products.