Delicatessen Section: Making Best-selling Products.

Nihon Delica Fresh Co., Ltd. Fuji Delica Co., Ltd.

Take-out lunches, sandwiches, sushi, and onigiri (rice balls)  are essential food items at convenience stores. As a supplier of these, we believe that the key word is [freshness]. The best- selected ingredients and seasoning, innovative cooking methods, and promptness in supply all contribute to provide the convenience stores with fresh and delicious food.

Convenient and Tasty Delicatessen

We Employ Long Years of Experience and Know-how
to Meet the Current Taste Demands for Delicatessens.

The market in delicatessens has changed drastically due to such factors as the
increased number of convenience stores, current demands for convenient food life,
and a more-advanced transportation system. Making the best use of our long years of
experience and know-how in food business, Our delicatessen section proudly
provides convenience stores, one of our major clients, with various delicatessen items
such as take-out lunch boxes and sandwiches. We continue to assure a reliable
supply and make efforts to suit changing taste needs in delicatessens.
This is the reason why our work is highly evaluated by the clients.

Tasty Food with the Best Ingredients Gives Satisfaction to Clients.

Reasonable prices, convenience in purchase, tastes with much flavor — the demands
for delicatessens are increased, and so is the competition among convenience stores which
deal with delicatessens as one of their major merchandise. The "Delicatessen" section
at Fuji Baking Group pursues the clients' satisfaction and uses only the fresh
ingredients of the season. We produce merchandise which reflects various factors
such as the different local tastes, preferred volume and raw materials, and current food

Reliability Comes From Quality and Hygienic Controls As
Well As an Efficient Distribution System.

Presenting Safe and High-quality Merchandise

We give the highest attention to quality and hygienic controls. Staff members are
required to be in good health, as well as to have a keen sense of sanitation.
Complete cleaning and sterilization of all the utensils and facilities as well as
a number of extensive quality checks during the production process are strictly conducted.

Small or Large, All Orders are Taken Promptly

All of the finished products are delivered promptly by our own delivery system.
We apply a centralized production and distribution system, which most efficiently
handles orders, production, and delivery as a whole.
We believe that speedy business adds value to our merchandise.


We Promote Ecology in Our Business. That Is Our Responsibility to Remain a
Leading Company in the 21st Century.

To any business in this modern age, ecology is an important issue. Fuji Baking Group
recycles wrapping films and packages. As for delicatessen food items, we are working
on more eco-friendly merchandise by reducing the volume of wastage controlled by the efficient supply system.
At some of our factories, a new project has started, which converts garbage into