Total Distribution System : Innovation in Logistics by SCM

Fuji Echo Co., Ltd.

Corporate philosophy

for all clients
for all employees
and for society

Business mottos

Under the base of ISO 9001, ISO 22000, HACCP, Quality Management Manual、
Quality assurance, Stable supply, Better service, Low-cost/Best value are implemented.

Organization Chart

High Quality Logistics Network

Fuji Echo provides Innovative Logistics Solutions throughout nation-wide 17 logistics distribution centers of our own (where receiving, storage, order selection, inventory management, transportation and delivery systems are implemented) together with reliable contracted warehouse companies.


Global Logistics Supply Chain Management (GLSCM) system (includes demand & supply forecasting system for suppliers and restaurants, procurement of domestic & foreign products) has been established through over 40 years of logistics experience with the biggest fast food chain. Transparency of management with our customers, visibility of inventory management system, contingency plan (especially for natural disasters), effective operational system to lower cost at distribution centers (with advanced technologies such as automated storage/retrieval system, pick-to-light system, digital assorting system, computerized delivery routing system, web-ordering system etc.) are now all in place.

Advanced technologies: Routing system ,AS/RS, Generator,Pick-to-light system and Digital assorting system,etc.

Fuji Echo delivers our promise to our priority customers

We provide food safety, sustainability and optimized logistics.